This program is intended to help prepare Preschool and Kindergarten students to enter Private Schools, Hunter College Campus Schools, or Gifted and Talented Programs in NYC.
If you are looking for higher grade prep program, please refer to SAT/ACT/SSAT/ISEE page.

Our specialist teachers are well trained to prepare students to enter the top schools in NYC. With many years of experience in teaching children, our teachers has helped students to receive acceptance letters from many great schools.

Click here to see the list of schools our past students matriculated. 

Test preparation for Private/Hunter/G&T involves preparation for ERB, ABBL, and Stanford Binet Test.

test prep program

Make an appointment to visit our office and meet with us. When you and your child arrive in the office, we will first have an assessment of the child’s ability and level.  This process is important because this will help us to understand the level of your child and give us a better picture of what is the most efficient education plan for the child. After the evaluation, we will discuss the child’s education pathway and answer any questions you might have. Finally, we will match the teacher for your child and plan a schedule for the future classes.

Test Preparation classes will involve both formal and informal lessons. Meaning, activities and games will still be a part of lessons, while a test-like setting is also added to help student feel more familiar and comfortable with the exam.  “Joy in Learning” is always our main concern and we will set up each lesson so the study feels joy, not pressure!

Please feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries. Contact