Learning should be full of joy,
not pressure.

Learning naturally emerges when children play, their curiosity and their natural ability to think are working at full force. The same applies to the learning of Mathematics. When kids learn mathematics in a informal setting, which involves fun activities and games, they naturally open theirs eyes to see the world mathematically, gaining the ability to apply mathematical thinking in every aspect of their life!

The Thinking Math program is available for Preschool children to Kindergarten and Lower  grade school students.
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Not Just to Ace Tests, but to Become a Logical Thinker!

When people think of mathematics, many will think of it as something boring and difficult that troubled them during their school years. Others might have a different impression, but will still agree that it involves memorizing formulas and calculating numbers to find the answer, which is somewhat true. However, working with formulas and numbers does not fully explain the art of mathematics, because mathematics is used in every aspect of our lives, from counting the days until vacation to predicting the risk of some action. Strong mathematics abilities will become the basis for a reasonable decision maker.

Our Thinking Math program emphasizes on building the sense of numbers, value, time, and shapes and using this knowledge to understand the world and make decisions. During class, students will play mathematical games and solve mathematical puzzles. Those games and puzzles will help students to learn how to apply mathematical skills to solve any kind of problem. In addition, a strong understanding of math will provide a deeper understanding of school mathematics!

*Summer program is now opened! We have limited spots for new students. Please contact us to reserve a spot for your child!

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