Our Philosophy

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Every Child is Gifted

We believe that every child is gifted and talented. Each child has endless potential, and can expand his/her intellectual skills. Yet, children’s potential is often hidden, because it is not developed and nurtured. It is our calling to help children discover their gifts and draw out their hidden potential.

Education is the Process of Finding the Potential

The definition of the word ‘education’ is “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction’.  This definition might give teachers, parents, and even children the wrong impression of education. If we take a look into the origin of the word, ‘education’, its roots come  from the Latin word, ‘educere’, ‘to draw forth or to lead out.” Meaning, education is not just a process of giving or receiving information. It is the process of finding intelligence that the child has.

Our Solution to Find the Gifts in Children

Over our 20 years of experience, we have wondered what is the best way to educate children in such an environment that draws out their hidden potential.  After years of researching and trails with students, we concluded that ‘play-based’ education is the most effective method to educate our children. Education and playing are often considered stark opposites. Play education, however, can create a stress and pressure free learning environment for the children. This in turn, allows the children to be more involved in learning and to get a positive impression of education. In addition, children learn to use their brain and eventually become critical-thinkers.

Sending Our Children to a Better Learning Environment

There is a reason why we are passionate about developing young children’s brains. After many years of close relationships with top private and public schools, we’ve learned that those schools provide quality education that will nurture our children to become leaders of the world. It is our ultimate goal to open up opportunities to our children to learn in a better environment, a better school.

Our Play-based education will naturally prepare our children for the top schools’ admission process and help them to be part of those schools.