We offer a  Korean Language class to both native Korean speaking families and non-native Korean speaking families.

Mastering A Secondary Language

Obtaining a second language in New York City is unique process compared to learning a language in other parts of the world. It is mainly because of New York City’s diverse multicultural makeup. Children are born into an environment where they are exposed to two or more languages. They are privileged to grow up learning multiple languages but often focus on developing English as their mother tongue. As a result, they usually stay in the entry level for their secondary language. However, it is important to emphasize strengthening the foreign languages. JC Education believes that mastering a second language is crucial for this globalized generation. Korean class is JC Education’s first step to the Mastery of a Second Language project.

Joy in Learning

Learning language at an early age should happen naturally. Children naturally absorb vocabulary and sentence structure as they spend time together with their parents or caregivers. Like the other programs we offer, we structure our Language class around games and activities. As children play, they will discover the joy in learning and exponentially grow their language skill!

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