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How do I prepare my child for Top Private School Admission?

Admission to Top Private Schools in NYC is highly competitive. Some even compares this as harder than getting into Harvard University. However, parents and teachers are so eager to send their children to those schools, because, once they overcome the competition, children can receive best education in a great learning environment and rich educational resources.

For the past 20 years, JC Education has earned many experiences of sending students to Top Private Schools, and helping those students to well adjust to their school.

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How do I prepare my child for Gifted and Talented test in NYC?

Core in preparation for Gifted and Talented test is not about solving thousands of practice test. It is about finding the giftedness of the child. Some learning centers are providing learning program in which children practice testing questions. This way, children might learn to solve some of the problems, but they will have a trouble when they face any modified question. Our education program focuses of finding the giftedness of the children, helping students to actually develop their brain that they will be qualified to enroll in city-wide Gifted and Talented Program.

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How do I prepare my child for Hunter Elementary School?

Hunter Elementary School has two rounds of admission tests. First round involves IQ testing in one-to-one set up. If your child is in the top percentile, he/she will be invited to the second round, which involves evaluation in playgroup setting. First round itself needs a lot of preparation, but real trouble is the second round. Second round not only look at the intelligence of the child but really looks at the child’s behavior and characteristic while he/she interact with teachers and friends. Good habit cannot be made up within a week or month, it takes time for the child to get used to sitting at the table and interacting with new friends. This is why preparation has to be started as early as possible.

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How can I make my child smarter?

Often time, people misunderstand the concept of “Smart”. Being smart, does not mean knowing a lot or memorizing an encyclopedia. Being smart is having the good soil that can quickly absorb the knowledge and using that knowledge as the resource of critical reasoning. JC’s goal of education is to develop each child’s intelligence in multiple ability, through experience and play, and help students to use their intelligence not only in their academics but in endless opportunities.

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How do I know what my child is good at?

JC have evaluation programs that give quantified result, which provide objective report on child’s level of readiness and ability. Also, education director of over 20 years of experience with children look at the child’s behavior and characteristic can give advise on how to improve child’s strength and weakness.

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