Frequently Asked Question

About JC Education Program

Q. You have just opened your office and I’ve never heard about your education program. Do you have any experience in educating children and consulting? How long have you been in this field? 

Although our office itself has just opened, we’ve been helping students and families for more than 20 years. We have successfully helped children in early brain development, raising their IQ to 145 or higher, and helping them enter top schools, such as Hunter Elementary School, Top Private Schools, and Top G&T programs. Many of our parents asked us to open an office, but we kept it private and were only by referrals. However, we are now opening up this opportunity to any and all families who might need or want our help.

Thanks to our many  years of success and experience, we can proudly say that our education program is effective in developing children’s brains, as well as helping children with their admission to Top Schools.

Q. You offer a program for College Consulting as well as Children Education. Which field is your main program?


Both our education program and consulting program are staffed by professionals. Our educators have over 20 years experience teaching children and our consultants also have many years of experience in their field.

We began as just a children’s education center, providing quality education to young children, and helping them prepare for the top schools’ Admission tests. After our students were admitted to top schools, parents began to seek further guidance on their children’s future education options and college admission advice. To provide quality advice, we teamed with professional consultants who are experienced experts in this field. Our consultants are IVY League doctoral program graduates, and experts on higher education advisement, GPA management, and financial consulting. Four experts, including our director, will be actively involved in the discussion of your child’s education.

Q. What programs do you offer?

For children, we offer evaluation, school consulting, and education programs.

The education programs we provide are:  Early Brain Development Program, GABE Program, Math (Thinking Math and Math Competition), and Language program (Reading Club and Korean). We are also offering  a Test Prep course for top private schools, G&T schools and Hunter Elementary School.

For our older students, we offer premium consulting services and SAT/SSAT prep courses. Our consulting service is run by our professional consulting team and they offer a range of  higher education consultations, such as college advisement, GPA Management, education pathway, and Financial Aid support. SAT/SSAT course is also taught by our specialist teacher who has a lot of experience helping students achieve a full score on their SAT/SSAT.

Q. What is special about JC Education Program?

We work to educate children based on play-education program. We believe that children learn and bloom when all their sense are stimulated as they learn and experience new situations. Those experiences stimulate children’s brain and will help to develop their brain. Also, because children are not feeling pressured or stressed, they can perceive learning as something fun, which will help children grow to love learning and exploring.

Joining JC Education Program

Q. What is the enrollment process for your program?

First, make an appointment to meet with our Education Director. When you come in to our office with your child, we will evaluate him/her to see the readiness of the child and form a plan to that will best help your child improve. The evaluation itself will take about 30-60 minutes based on the child’s level and age. After the evaluation, we will discuss which program will be the best fit for your child and how often we should meet. Based on the child, we will suggest to have one-on-one class, group class, or combination of these two.

Q. When should my child start studying at the JC Education Center?

As soon as possible! We have programs available for children as young as 14 months old and for students in High School.

Most children begin at 14-16 months old.  Our Brain Development Program is most effective when the child starts at an early age. The child has a much higher chance of developing their brain and will be well prepared for the admission tests for both the formal part (exam) and informal (play-group) part, if they begin the program early.

Children ages 4  and up have less than a year to prepare for the exam. We suggest parents immediately begin preparing their child for the admission test since he/she has only a few months left before the exam.

Learning does not end after admission tests are over.  We also offer “Thinking Math”, “Math Competition”, and “Reading Club” programs for children ages 5 and up. These programs will help your children to develop their math and reading skills, which will , in turn,  help students achieve academic success. We also encourage students to participate in competitions, so they can challenge themselves and gain more interest in learning.

We also have programs for Middle School students and High School students. We have experienced teachers, trained to help students prepare for the SSAT/ SAT/ACT.

Q. When will my child have classes? How often? and How long?

Our education programs are designed according to your child’s readiness, needs and characteristics. Every child has different needs, so every class should also be different for each student.  Also, we take in to consideration time constraints or special situations. For example, if test dates are coming up within a few months, we will definitely suggest having classes as often as possible. Every education program begins with an evaluation. After the evaluation, we will have a better picture of how often and how long your child should attend class. Then, we will discuss with parents to decide on a plan for classes.

School Admission

Which school should my child enroll in?

It depends on the child’s character, ability and readiness. Before we begin any education program, we give an evaluation to see which school will be the best fit for him/her.

We have had a close relationship with the top private and public schools for man years, which gave us a chance to see how these schools interacted with students. We understand the culture of each school, and will find the most suitable school for your child!