College Advising

College Advising focuses on consulting with High School students (Grades 9-12) and current College students.

We offer a premium college consulting program that will guide you through every step to the College admission process. It includes finding the right school, managing your academic level, preparing applications & for interviews; our program even extends to financial aid consulting. We are teamed with consulting specialists who have many years of experience in helping students and families to successfully gain admission to Top Schools.

Consulting begins with a conversation with the student to find out his/her interests and abilities. Based on student’s aptitude, our specialists will give advise on an education pathway and help build a plan. In addition, professional financial advisers can help the family with filing for financial aids.

-College/Major Choice
-Application & Essay
-Recommendation Letter
-Admission Interview
-Academic Grade Management
-Extracurricular Activity Management
-School Tour
-Financial Aid (FAFSA, Scholarship, etc.)