Learning should be fun,

because kids’ learning curve increases when they perceive learning as something fun.
Our Brain Development programs are designed to draw out children’s Gifted and talented potential. 
This learning program involves games & activities and our intention here is to lead children to connect their informal knowledge to more formal school academics.
Our teacher, with more than 20 years of experience in this Brain Development Program has a burning passion to guide students to ignite their potential!

Every child is gifted and talented. It is our duty to draw forth their potential.


About Brain Development Program

The Brain Development Program is JC Education’s main learning program for young children. The purpose of this program is to develop children’s multiple intelligences by stimulating children’s brains with fun exercises. Starting as early as 1.5 years old, children meet with a specialized teacher, in a one-on-one class or a group class with less than 3 people. During the lesson, children will play educational games and activities, based on three education methods: Froebel’s Gift (or GABE), Jewish Education (or ORDA), and Montessori Education. Our special education method will give them exposure to new experiences and an opportunity to use their brain. Children will learn to use different senses to solve puzzles or problems and eventually develop their thinking process, without feeling pressure to do so. Every class is taught by a specialized teacher and will focus on play-based education.

The Brain Development program is the pre-course for the Test Prep program. Play-based education will eventually prepare children  for admission to the Top Private/Public Schools. 

To request further information or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


Our fundamental belief of education is the concept of “Edutainment“. Edutainment is a blend of words “education” and “entertainment.” Our Brain Development Program is designed based on our belief that learning comes from fun activities.

  1. Playing helps a child learn to control his/her sensory motor and develops kinesthesis.
  2. Playing helps the emotional development of a child.
  3. Playing helps the intellectual development of a child.
  4. Playing develops the child’s language development.
  5. Playing helps the child’s social development.
  6. Playing develops the child’s creativity and imaginations.
  7. Playing is where learning takes place.


The Summer program is now opened! We have a limited number of seats available for new students. Please contact us to reserve a place for your child!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us! Contact