What is Manhattan JC?

MJC is a learning center geared toward Gifted and Talented programs that are dedicated to drawing out every student’s potential.  MJC has a team of professional education directors, teachers and consultants, specializing in a variety of fields, with more than 20 years of experience.

Why is Manhattan JC’s Program Special?

Our Education program has already proven to help improve children’s brain development and to discover latent potential in children. After participating in our program, students showed noticeable increases in brain development, in both academics and their behavior. They showed remarkable changes in IQ, raising their IQ to 145 or higher and scoring within the 99th percentile on G&T tests. Their attention span increased from less than 5 minutes to more than an hour. Our students are being prepared to enroll in Manhattan’s Top Private Schools, Hunter College Campus School, and Gifted & Talented Schools.

Play-Based Education Develops “Multiple Intelligences

“Play in Education” is core in our education program, making us stand apart from other learning programs. Many learning centers focus solely on the academic success of the child, teaching in a very formal and static format. Teachers overwhelm the children with too amounts of information; but most of the information will be forgotten because they are not ready to take all the information. However, our education program intention is to prepare children to process the information by developing their brain.

education description

MJC’s Education Program is based on Dr. Howard Gardner’s (Harvard University Professor) “The Theory of Multiple Intelligences.” While most learning centers interpret this theory as knowing more, we look at the “intelligences” as having a collective of eight (or more) abilities, such as musical, visual-spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, and naturalistic abilities. All these senses and abilities take part in processing information and problem solving. We focus on developing multi-intelligence and the only way for children to develop multiple-abilities is by stimulating each sense as they learn. This is why play-based education is extremely effective. As children play, their senses are stimulated and all parts of their brain are used to process the sensory information. Furthermore, because play- based education is fun, the stimulation does not put a lot of pressure on the child, but is actually seen as an exciting experience.

Not Just Play Time, But Educational Play-Setting

Play Education does not mean your child is only playing during a lesson. We provide an interactive learning time using games and activities to create a fun environment where the child can use their brain. We combined Friedrich Fröbel’s Education system (GABE, or “Fröbel’s Gift”), Jewish Education system (ORDA, or “Light of Wisdom”), and Maria Montessori’s Montessori Education system to create our own unique education program. It will come across as play time to the children, but while they play, they will actually be learning how to be a logical thinker.

The Education Director of our learning center, Mrs. Jun, has more than 20 years of teaching experience. She is passionate about finding and developing the hidden potential in each and e very child she teaches; she is constantly making sure she is up to date on techniques and changes in the Gifted Education world.  Mrs. Jun has unique educational background,  she had the privilege of being instructed by a disciple of Fröbel, the creator of the concept of “Kindergarten”, and Froebel’s gift (GABE).  This learning experience has given her an in depth understanding of early childhood education, particularly the GABE method.  Many of the certified GABE teachers out there only know how to present pre-formatted lesson plans; However, Mrs. Jun has an extensive understanding of the theory behind GABE, this understanding allows her to mold and reformat the games to the needs of each individual child she is teaching. 

Customized Education

JC knows that each child is different. Every child has a different level of readiness, different needs, and different teaching methods that would allow them to flourish. At the beginning of our program, a specialized teacher will evaluate the child and determine the best course of action to stimulate brain development. In  addition to the evaluations, we also keep our class sizes small, less than 3 children to a class, to ensure each child gets individualized attention.

Our Passion to Give Quality Education

For many years, we have built strong relationships with the Top Private and Public Schools. After observing the classes and curriculum of the top schools, we were able to get a comprehensive understanding of what makes these schools special, and why we should help our students to apply. If we can help send our students to these top schools, they will be have the privilege of following a well structured curriculum, great teachers and rich resources.  The children will have all the tools necessary to grow up to be great leaders in this world.

It is our mission to help develop our children’s brains from an early age, nurture them and send them to Top Private and Public schools so they can receive a quality education. Our program allows children to grow and experience one of the best education systems.

Achieving a high score on an entrance exam does not guarantee success for a child. We have to draw out a child’s maximum potential and guide him/her to grow up as a critical thinker – not just as a good test-taker.

Through JC’s Program, Your Child will

– find joy in learning
– process thoughts in a logical and systematical way
– become a creative thinker
– obtain the ability to apply mathematical reasoning to solve problems
– achieve emotional development
– become a self-directed learner
– and be socially engaged

With MJC program, your child will be ready to achieve the dream of entering the Top Private, Hunter, and Gifted & Talented Schools!

Now Opening Doors to Everyone!

For a number of years, many people have requested that we open a learning center to match the high demand from parents. Despite the requests, we kept the program referral based. Now, we can finally offer the opportunity to develop their brain at an early age, and nurture all children to grow up as powerful leaders of the future! We are now proudly inviting all children to experience our gifted education program!